First published: September 8, 2019
Last updated: December 1, 2019

Onisaburo enjoying a hot spring bath in Yoshioka
Onisaburo in later life enjoying a bath at a Yoshioka Hot Springs resort

The following is a bulleted summary of what Onisaburo revealed about the future of Japan and the world in post-war eras during his stay at a hot springs resort in Yoshioka, Tottori Prefecture from December 10, Showa 20 (1945) to January 6, Showa 21 (1946).

The summary may contain frightening information, but it also contains encouraging messages about divine guidance and protection.

The purpose of publishing Onisaburo's revelations is not to scare or mislead you, but to give you an opportunity to have a greater, enduring faith in the Divine by bracing you for whatever the future may hold.

Onisaburo's Revelations at Yoshioka Hot Springs

Speaking to some followers who visited him, Onisaburo said as follows:
(Note: He made these remarks in 1945).

  • Land owners, large and small, will disappear, with farmland liberated to peasant farmers.
    Webmaster's note:
    The above came true between 1946 and 1950 as agrarian reforms were pushed through by the Allied Powers occupying Japan.

  • Colonies are a product of the law of the jungle where the weak fall prey to the strong. All humans must be equal, whether they be black or white. Nothing is more important than human souls.
    Webmaster's note:
    History shows that.

  • Decolonization movements will unfold globally, leading to the successive independence of colonies and dependent countries.
    Webmaster's note:
    History shows that.

  • The United States will lose its national strength, turning into a second-class country. It will cling to its policy of meddling with Vietnam and find itself bogged down in a quagmire. If it has too much confidence in its massive military forces, thinking that "an old eagle is better than a young crow," it may suffer defeat contrary to all expectations. It will finally get beaten by Japan in business competition, and it will have to bow to a country it has disregarded before. This country will be unified to become a powerful nation.
    Webmaster's note:
    It is quite surprising that Onisaburo made those predictions in 1945!
    Things panned out as history shows.
    Onisaburo did not specify which country would be unified. Could it be Germany, Korea or ...?

  • Next will come the Kami's war with the Soviet Union. In the eyes of the Kami, atomic bombs are nothing more than sparklers. But devils will create bombs thousands of times more powerful than the current atomic bombs, poison bombs, biological bombs, and other ultimate weapons. The three great calamities, i.e. fire, water and wind disasters, will unfold in the future. That is when a true rain of fire will fall.
    Webmaster's note:
    The collapse of the Soviet Union may have been part of the Kami's grand design.
    The Kami is synonymous with the Divine, God, and other names for the Supreme Being.

  • The Kami's power is tens of thousands of times greater than those ultimate weapons; it is actually unlimited. Things like them will be made ineffective by His protection. He will save you wherever you are.
    Webmaster's note:
    It is therefore vitally important to keep your faith in the Great Source.

  • The Kami has been going to great lengths to save as many people in the world as possible. However, the Ofudesaki ("Tip of the Writing Brush"; a collection of automatic writings taken by Foundress Nao Deguchi of Omoto) reads: "Unavoidable things will happen" or "Words of the Ofudesaki will come true without any error, not even a hair's breadth of difference." No matter when the Demolition of the World comes, you need to do your best for everything.
    Webmaster's note:
    Onisaburo composes a 31-syllable Japanese poem warning people not to think of the Demolition of the World as someone else's problem because you also have to go through the Demolition to attain a newly reconstructed self.

  • You should put the Kami first, work hard, and try as much as you can not to cause Him any trouble. True ascetic training is to first rebuild your mind so that heaven may be formed inside and then strive to create heaven in your home and out in the world.

    What is called ascetic training, such as fasting, standing under a waterfall, or handstanding your way to a mountain top, is not the right kind of ascetic training.

    Webmaster's note:
    It seems like we are encouraged to create heaven in us so that we can attune ourselves to the heavenly vibrations of the Divine Being.

  • Make absolutely sure that you plant seedlings on mountains where you have felled trees.
    Webmaster's note:
    Onisaburo stresses the importance of the natural environment as it constitutes the body of the Kami.

  • Make mountains luxuriant, rice fields ripe in yellow, your home beautiful, and your family harmonious. Create a garden in your backyard with trees, plants and flowers. Be sure to plant one or two pine (red pine) trees and plum trees each. Ideally, arrange your family grave to make it look like a flower bed - as a symbolic representation of heaven.
    Webmaster's note:
    As with Hyssopus officinalis used by ancient Jewish priests for purification rites, Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora) is regarded as sacred in Onisaburo's faith. Even today, Japanese red pine branches are offered to gods in various ceremonies at Oomoto, the Aizen-en, and other offshoots of the Omoto faith. Onisaburo also says that Pinus densiflora has some medicinal properties, especially antipyretic ones.

  • At the time of the "Great Mountain Pass of the World," there may be an acute shortage of not just food but even oxygen as well. At such time you should make a horizontal hole in the ground, lie there face down, and stay still with a pickled plum in your mouth. You can also keep hunger away by chewing leaves of a Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora).

    So those of you who own land should plant enough plum trees to allow your family members to secure pickled plums all year around. When you pickle plums, you should use shiso beefsteak plants (Perilla frutescens var. crispa) instead of food colors. Shiso leaves contain nutrients that plums do not have, and when they are pickled with plums, those nutrients soak into the fruit. Pickled plums turn alkaline once they are digested. They are good for your health because they prevent blood oxidation. You are encouraged to take at least one every day.

    Webmaster's note:
    The "Great Mountain Pass of the World" is a terminology probably unique to the Omoto faith and is more or less synonymous with Armageddon.

  • While people value fire, few of them recognize the blessings of water and earth. Some people wrangle over mountain boundaries or water without knowing the sanctity of water or earth. The Kami refuses to accept holy shrines constructed with wood from robbed mountains, fruit borne in robbed fields or rice made with stolen water as offerings. Offerings need to be pure. Animal flesh and the like are absolutely bad, but the Kami will accept reindeer meet offered by Eskimos. Also, imagine there are Japanese who work deep in a mountain and have only a can of beef to offer. They apologize to the Kami for having to offer the canned beef. The Kami will accept it by changing it into shining rice. It is the heartfelt sincerity that counts.
    But this does not mean that you are never allowed to eat beef. The Kami offers humans - the lord of creation - opportunities to utilize animal flesh and fish meat.

    Webmaster's note:
    We should rethink our attitude toward water and earth.

  • There are so many people out there who do not care about defiling earth and water. Earth is the body of the Kami and water is His blood.
    The world would be peaceful if there were only those farmers who care about water for others' rice fields before their own, those merchants who pursue small profits in business, and those manufacturers who make great products regardless of the bottom line. I feel sorry for the future of the world.

    Webmaster's note:
    We humans are permitted to live on the Kami's body and use His resources.

  • "Kami First" and altruism are building blocks of heaven. Labor creates heaven, and laziness creates hell. Good health represents desirable aspects of heavenly beings; therefore, take good care of your physical body, refrain from gluttony, and rest when you are tired so that you can lead a happy life.
    Webmaster's note:
    Moderate work is condusive to making this world a better place.

  • You should not hurl abuse or use bad language because what you say is recorded in midair as if by a phonograph. Nothing is more important than kototama ("word spirit"), or mystical power believed to reside in spoken words of any human language.
    Webmaster's note:
    Good words create good worlds; bad words create bad worlds.

  • It is humanity's best conduct to hold morning and evening services to give thanks to the blessings of the Kami. A good human would accept His actual presence. No one would feel inclined to commit wrongdoing if they awakened to the fact that heaven and earth are the body of the Kami, and that people are allowed to live inside Him.
    After all, the Age of the Maitreya Kami is the one when all the people on earth believe in the Kami.

    Webmaster's note:
    Daily prayers are one of the best things humans can offer to God.

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