Mr. Yasuaki Deguchi

We express our heartfelt condolences on the passing of Mr. Yasuaki Deguchi on June 18, 2002.

He was a grandson of Onisaburo, but spiritually, he was Onisaburo's beloved son and his only legitimate successor to his Divine Plan for the creation of a Maitreyan utopia.

This Onisaburo declares in one of his essays titled Towadako no Shimpi (Mysteries of Lake Towada):

Onisaburo's appointment of Nansobo as his successor

Onisaburo says Nansobo is reincarnated as Mr. Yasuaki Deguchi.

Onisaburo says Foundress Nao is reincarnated as Ms. Naomi Deguchi, the oldest daughter of Omoto's Third Spiritual Leader, Naohi Deguchi.

Why is the following ruby text (kana syllabary) alongside the Chinese characters different for the same Chap. 8 (The Uranai faith), Vol. 15 of the Monogatari? (Click here for the reason)

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