Onisaburo Deguchi dedicated his life to creating the Age of the Maitreya Kami on earth. He advocated pacifism, universal brotherhood, and the oneness of all good faiths.

Despite his ascension, Onisaburo lives on in spirit with his greatest legacy,
The Reikai Monogatari ("Tales of the Spirit World").

The Reikai Monogatari provides a treasure trove of profound insights into the workings of the Spirit World, perennial conflicts betwen good and evil gods, the afterlife, divine teachings, activities of the Ananai faith believers and propagandists, the way of man, prophetic messages, and many more.

This site helps you explore a lot about Onisaburo the "Great Monster."

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Figure 1: Longitudinal Sectional View of Small Cosmos

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The dragon-shaped Japanese Archepelago, with Kyushu
(pinkish red region) being the dragon's head. Image by
courtesy of the Japan National Tourism Organization.

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Onisaburo enjoying a hot spring bath in Yoshioka
Onisaburo in later life enjoying a bath at a Yoshioka Hot Springs resort

The following is a bulleted summary of what Onisaburo revealed about the future of Japan and the world in post-war eras during his stay at a hot springs resort in Yoshioka, Tottori Prefecture from December 10, Showa 20 (1945) to January 6, Showa 21 (1946).

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